Undergraduate students who conducted research in the lab
  • Estefania Caldera (2017-) – working zygolife project culturing Conidiobolus fungi and extracting DNA for ITS typing.
  • Jericho Ortanez (2015-2017) – Worked on Bd and zygomycete projects with Derreck Carter-house and Sawyer Masonjones. He also worked independently on project to culture Coelomomyces and extract DNA/RNA. Currently he is working as Jr Specialist in the lab (2017-).
  • Meng (Josh) Chung (2016-) – Working on zygomycete fungi and bacteria interactions.
  • Deanne Kim (2015-2017) – working on zygolife project and culturing zygo project and supported by HSI-STEM.
  • Georgiy Smirnov (2015-2017) – worked on Rhizo
  • Dillon McDonald (summer 2015 and 2016-2017) – Summer STEM-HSI student working on Saitoella and multicellularity evolution with Ousmane Cissé
  • Christina Uriarte (summer 2015) – Summer MARCU pre-trainee student working on antifungals and inhibition by the chytrid Hp with postdoc Peng Liu
  • Justin Shen (2015-) – Working chytrid and zygolife projects
  • Serena Choi (2015-2016) – Working on chytrid and zygolife projects
  • Spencer Swansen (summer 2014) – Summer REU student working on Hp and fungal interactions with grad student Steven Ahrendt
  • Na Jeong (2013-2016) – Working on Inhibition experiments testing and characterizing Hp and other fungal interactions with grad student Steven Ahrendt
  • Megna Tiwari (2012-2014) – Worked on Neurospora sexual development mutants with grad student Yizhou Wang. She is currently a graduate student at California State University – Long Beach.
  • Sapphire Ear (2012-2014) [Honors Program] – Worked on Chytrids Bd and Hp testing phototaxis, inhibition experiments with grad student Steven Ahrendt. She spent a year with City Year/Americore in Los Angeles and is currently a medical student at University of California, San Francisco.
  • Dylan Thomas (2013-2014) – Chytrid and Bd culturing and phototaxis with grad student Steven Ahrendt
  • Lorena Rivera (Summer 2011-2013) MARCU student working on Neurospora cell wall genes – see her CNAS video talking about her work with grad student Divya Sain
  • Ramy Wissa (Summer 2011) MARCU student working on Neurospora cell wall genes – starting Dental school (Fall 2014) with grad student Divya Sain
  • Carlos Rojas (Summer 2011 – 2012) UCR CAMP program working on Bd CBM18 gene family.
  • Annie Nguyen (Summer 2010 – 2012 ) working on CoprinusNeurospora transposon and introns
  • Jessica DeAnda (Summer 2010 – 2013 ) MARC U* program working on Neurospora natural population variation and transposon – Currently a MS student at Pomona College in Chicano Studies