Undergraduate students who conducted research in the lab
  • Skylar McDonald (2018-) – fungal-bacteria interactions working with Derreck Carter-House.
  • Renata Haro (2018-) – Grew Rhizopus fungi as part of understanding differences in populations working with graduate student Sawyer Masonjones. Next she focused on culturing and identifying filamentous fungi from biological crusts from Boyd Deep Canyon UC Reserve working with graduate student Tania Kurbessoian
  • Estefania Caldera (2017-) – She first worked on zygolife project culturing Conidiobolus fungi and extracting DNA for ITS typing. Later she learned how to image growing Mucormycotina fungi and focused on sexual reproductive structures with graduate student Jesús Peña.
  • Jericho Ortanez (2015-2017) – Worked on Bd and zygomycete projects with Derreck Carter-House and Sawyer Masonjones. He also worked independently on project to culture Coelomomyces and extract DNA/RNA. He was a Jr Specialist in the lab (2017-18) and matriculated in to the UCR Microbiology Graduate Program as a PhD student in 2018 working Patrick Degnan.
  • Meng (Josh) Chung (2016-) – Working on zygomycete fungi and bacteria interactions.
  • Deanne Kim (2015-2017) – working on zygolife project and culturing zygo project and supported by HSI-STEM.
  • Georgiy Smirnov (2015-2017) – worked on Rhizopus and Serratia interactions.
  • Dillon McDonald (summer 2015 and 2016-2017) – Summer STEM-HSI student working on Saitoella and multicellularity evolution with Ousmane Cissé
  • Christina Uriarte (summer 2015) – Summer MARCU pre-trainee student working on antifungals and inhibition by the chytrid Hp with postdoc Peng Liu
  • Justin Shen (2015-2017) – Worked chytrid and zygolife projects with graduate Derreck Carter-House
  • Serena Choi (2015-2016) – Worked on chytrid and zygolife projects.
  • Spencer Swansen (summer 2014) – Summer REU student working on Hp and fungal interactions with grad student Steven Ahrendt
  • Na Jeong (2013-2016) – Working on Inhibition experiments testing and characterizing Hp and other fungal interactions with grad student Steven Ahrendt
  • Megna Tiwari (2012-2014) – Worked on Neurospora sexual development mutants with grad student Yizhou Wang. She will complete a MS at California State University – Long Beach and will enroll in PhD program at Univ of Georgia in fall 2019.
  • Sapphire Ear (2012-2014) [Honors Program] – Worked on Chytrids Bd and Hp testing phototaxis, inhibition experiments with grad student Steven Ahrendt. She spent a year with City Year/Americore in Los Angeles and is currently a medical student at University of California, San Francisco.
  • Dylan Thomas (2013-2014) – Chytrid and Bd culturing and phototaxis with grad student Steven Ahrendt
  • Lorena Rivera (Summer 2011-2013) MARCU student working on Neurospora cell wall genes – see her CNAS video talking about her work with grad student Divya Sain
  • Ramy Wissa (Summer 2011) MARCU student working on Neurospora cell wall genes – starting Dental school (Fall 2014) with grad student Divya Sain
  • Carlos Rojas (Summer 2011 – 2012) UCR CAMP program working on Bd CBM18 gene family. Currently working at Gilead Pharmaceuticals.
  • Annie Nguyen (Summer 2010 – 2012 ) working on CoprinusNeurospora transposon and introns
  • Jessica DeAnda (Summer 2010 – 2013 ) MARC U* program working on Neurospora natural population variation and transposon – She completed a MS at Pomona College in Chicano Studies and is currently a Career Development Coordinator, Unitek College, Fremont

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