Research Area(s)
(EDF) – Early Diverging Fungi
(A) – Ascomycete

(B)- Basidiomycetes
(BACT) – Bacteria
(F) – Fungi
(E) Eukaryotes and Oomycetes
(P) – Plants
(PA) – Pathogen study
(M)- Bioinformatics Methods
(MB) – Micro/Mycobiome
[OA] – open access

Graduate student
Postdoctoral trainee
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Visiting scholars

In prep / submitted

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  • Alvarado P, Teixeira M, Pérez-Rojas Y, Barker B, Stajich JE, Zambrano E, Gonzatti MI. Genomic characterization and biochemical identification of secreted antigens and peptidases in a Venezuelan clinical isolate of Histoplasma suramericanum. In Prep. (A) (PA)
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  • Ahrendt SRJeong N, Liu P, Ear S, Swanson S, Stajich JE*. Investigation of the growth suppression properties of the chytridiomycete Homolaphlyctis polyrhiza JEL142. In prep (EDF)


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