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Asilomar and beyond

Just back from another fantastic Fungal Genetics Conference at Asilomar. An amazing number of helpful tweets under the #Fungal17 hashtag. Sarah Unruh (@sau916) and I are talking about how to best archive or building a storify this so it is easier to read. Always a fun meeting to see friends and nosh at the smorgasbord of fungal genetics, epigenetics, genomics, ecology, evolution, and chemistry that is going on. Jason got to give a Plenary talk and express the utility of sequencing fungal genomes in studying their evolution. Lab Alumnus Steven Ahrendt won a poster award on his work on Cryptomycota fungi and also gave a talk. 

Also got some good news that our paper on structural analyses of a rhodopsin-like protein in the chytrid fungi has been accepted at PeerJ after some helpful revisions – (see the preprint).


Asilomar memories

I can safely say everyone had a good time at Fungal Genetics at the Asilomar Conference Grounds earlier this month. So much fun it too us a week to catch up on sleep and dig out from work left undone.

Here are a few pictures from poster presentations. We didn’t get everyone’s picture captured in the chaotic swirl of the poster session unfortunately. I’m really proud of how well everyone did and the apparent interest in our projects.

I also launched our fungidb.org database website at the meeting and got chance to tell more people about our ambitions and hopes for it.

It was also a real treat to see longtime friends and mentors and have the chance to swap stories.