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Migrating fungal biologists

  • We said bye to Marco Marconi, visiting student from the Wilkinson Lab in Madrid, in December. He worked on some data mining from the 1KFG project and brought some new R tools for looking for enrichment across the CAZY, Interpro, and Pfam differences in species.


  • We welcome Plant Pathology graduate student Derreck Carter-House to the lab in January – after spending time working on molecular biology projects in plants and plant-microbe interactions in another lab. carterhouseweb
  • Jason went across to England to serve on Ensembl Genomes  SAB and give seminar at University of Exeter – he came back with more appreciation for sunny California winters.
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Lab farewell for postdoc John Abramyan

We wished postdoc John Abramyan a farewell and happy trails last week.  He was the first postdoc to join the lab and completed a projects relating to Bd, chytrid cell wall genes, and some a gene regulation bioinformatics project. He also was main force in getting the experimental portion of our lab started when the group was established.  John is moving on to work on vertebrate evolutionary questions at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, CANADA. We’ll miss having him in the lab and wish him much luck in his next adventure.

Good luck John!
John (Left) enjoyed a farewell dinner with the lab