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Lake Arrowhead talk videos

Talks from the Sloan Foundation sponsored session at Lake Arrowhead meeting on Microbiology of the Built Environment are now posted on Microbe.net (which was jokingly pronounced as micro-beignet by some) including my talk on fungi in the Built environment.  Go take a look if you want to see an overview of some of the ways researchers are studying microbes in the built environment.  The Microbe.net team also recorded an interview with me about our work on the MicroBE data coordinating center and work to make identifying fungi from metagenomic sequencing easier.

Slides from Nov talks

A talk today in the CS department on open problems in bioinformatics and hope to entice some computer scientists to work on more of the problems here. Here are the slides in PDF and on SlideShare.

I also had a chance to present some work at UCLA in their Bioinformatics series and the PDF and SlideShare are available.