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Slides from Nov talks

A talk today in the CS department on open problems in bioinformatics and hope to entice some computer scientists to work on more of the problems here. Here are the slides in PDF and on SlideShare.

I also had a chance to present some work at UCLA in their Bioinformatics series and the PDF and SlideShare are available.

Moving in

Well, the doors have been opened and things are moving into the new Genomics building. Since we are so new, no things to really move into the lab as they will come from vendors directly.   I got into my new office with furniture installed and everything. We have ordered some of the big equipment for the lab and started getting supplies. Will be some adjustment as we all learn the new space for the labs on the same floor as we start sharing space, supplies, and also ideas and collaborations.  An exciting time and with any luck some fun and productive ways of doing science will emerge.

Professor Natasha Raikhel on Genomics Building

New beginnings

The lab will open in July 2009 at UC Riverside and be housed in the new genomics building on campus. redflowerWe are excited to be taking advantage of the existing computational and genomics resources available on campus as well as collaborating with our evolutionary, mycological, and bioinformatics colleagues.

Specific information about positions for postdocs, graduate students, and technicians will be available in late spring, but interested persons should feel free to contact Jason.