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A sendoff for the lab visitor

We bid farewell last weekend to our lab visitor, Nastassa Gioti, who is headed back to Sweden after 6 fun weeks in Riverside.  We learned from her, and she got to dig into her genome datasets for Neurospora in the context of the comparative and genome annotation tools we have, so it was fun all around!

This also marked the second get together (but the first where we remembered to bring a camera). Since we gathered at a local mexican restaurant with whimsical and amazing sculptures and art from recycled material, it was fitting we document it with pictures.

Everyone together for a meal


Concrete mushrooms
The air band...

Slides from Nov talks

A talk today in the CS department on open problems in bioinformatics and hope to entice some computer scientists to work on more of the problems here. Here are the slides in PDF and on SlideShare.

I also had a chance to present some work at UCLA in their Bioinformatics series and the PDF and SlideShare are available.