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IMC10 – Bangkok, Thailand

I had the great opportunity to attend the International Mycological Congress 10 in Bangkok, Thailand during this summer. It was filled with talks from mycologists studying cell biology, genetics, evolution, symbioses, ecology, production of secondary metabolites, and many other aspects of mycology from across the world. It was a great chance to hear about new work in many different experimental systems.  I chaired a session on Population Genomics and GWAS in Fungi and got to hear some great perspectives and approaches on model and non-model systems. I presented my talk on data analysis tools in metagenomics. I got to catch up with many friends/collaborators/colleagues and meet some new folks.

I’m jealous of the folks who got to take some of the post-conference excursions through Thailand or ventured even further to Laos and Cambodia. Hopefully next trip to this area I’ll have the chance to explore more.

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Andrii’s sendoff

Andrii has returned to Durham after a short stint in the lab to pick up some new skills and teach us more about culturing and major questions in Entomophthorales fungi.  He did a nice writeup on his establishment of a copepod colony which we will use for our future attempt to get Coelomomyces colonies in the lab.

He has posted his farewell talk that spans a few of the projects he has been working on his website too -take a look here.

Asilomar memories

I can safely say everyone had a good time at Fungal Genetics at the Asilomar Conference Grounds earlier this month. So much fun it too us a week to catch up on sleep and dig out from work left undone.

Here are a few pictures from poster presentations. We didn’t get everyone’s picture captured in the chaotic swirl of the poster session unfortunately. I’m really proud of how well everyone did and the apparent interest in our projects.

I also launched our database website at the meeting and got chance to tell more people about our ambitions and hopes for it.

It was also a real treat to see longtime friends and mentors and have the chance to swap stories.







Slides from Nov talks

A talk today in the CS department on open problems in bioinformatics and hope to entice some computer scientists to work on more of the problems here. Here are the slides in PDF and on SlideShare.

I also had a chance to present some work at UCLA in their Bioinformatics series and the PDF and SlideShare are available.

MSA 2009 presentation

My presentation from BSA/MSA 2009 on early fungal evolution inferred from the chytrid genome is available here.  The conference was great for the time I could be there and the interaction with mycologists and botanists at the meeting seemed to be really helpful (I caught a few botany talks) and catching up with new and old friends is a great bonus at these meetings.