Welcome.  We are members of the Dept of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Institute for Integrative Genome Biology, Center for Plant Cell Biology at the University of California, Riverside.

Research in the lab focuses on evolution of fungi through use of genetic and genomic approaches incorporating experimental and computational tools. We are focused on evolutionary relationships of fungi in particular zygomycete and chytrid fungi. To better understand the evolution of the whole kingdom we have embarked on a project to sequence 1000 fungal genomes. The lab is also curious about the evolution of pathogenic lifestyles in fungi and the evolutionary processes that promote these changes. To address these questions we study genomes and expressed transcriptome of individuals or populations of a species.  We also develop bioinformatic approaches to visualizing and studying genome evolution. This work also include a focus on transposable elements in fungi, rice, and mosquitoes. Recent projects have also taken us to look more at extremophile fungi that live in cold or hot deserts or high saline environments and the adaptations or cooperative lifestyles these fungi utilize to thrive under these conditions.

Updates of recent happening in the lab can be found on the News page and via our twitter feed.

Jason Stajich