Stajich Laboratory for Fungal Evolutionary Genomics

Some published papers this last month

We had a productive period over the last year and finally saw set of papers representing this work come out in the last month. This represents great collaborations with several different groups.  In addition to the Coprinus genome, we were involved in the publication of two other genome sequences thus summer. One a basidiomycete mushroom and one for an oomycete and pathogen of plants, both with a host of collaborating labs. Two papers on Neurospora also appeared as part of collaborations with Hanna Johannesson’s group and Michael Freitag, Michael Brunner, and Deb Bell-Pedersen.  A fifth paper on Coprinopsis meiotic genes is in press but will post about it when it appears.- Transcription factors in light and circadian clock signaling networks revealed by genome-wide mapping of direct targets for Neurospora WHITE COLLAR COMPLEX. Smith KM, Sancar G, Dekhang R, Sullivan CM, Li S, Tag AG, Sancar C, Bredeweg EL, Priest HD, McCormick RF, Thomas TL, Carrington JC, Stajich JE, Bell-Pedersen D, Brunner M, Freitag M. Eukaryot Cell. 2010 Jul 30.

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