Stajich Laboratory for Fungal Evolutionary Genomics

The Joshua Tree Album

Our lab trip to Joshua Tree NP and photo session before the start of the quarter resulted in our 2017 album cover lab photo.

StajichLab-1-5 StajichLab-1-6StajichLab-1-11StajichLab-1-10 StajichLab-1-16StajichLab-1-22 StajichLab-1-29IMG_0453 IMG_0837StajichLab-1-3We also visited one of Julia’s field sites where she is working on a lichen biodiversity inventory and some comparison of the genetic diversity of the fungi and algae symbiont along an elevation gradient in the park.StajichLab-1-33Derreck is excited to collect some dung samples that may recover some zygomycete isolates for the Zygolife project. StajichLab-1-31The rest of pictures from the day are in this flickr album.

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