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Congratulations Cassie for winning CEPCEB Postdoc Award

Congrats to Cassie who was awarded the 2022 CEPCEB Postdoc Award.

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Cassie was awarded the CEPCEB 2022 Outstanding Postdoctoral Researcher recognizing her excellence in research. This was exemplified by nine publications in 2022. Cassie has also been a terrific mentor to undergraduate and graduate students in the the lab and has lead multiple collaborative projects that achieved new findings but also helped teach students about metagenome pipelines and interpretation. She was a primary mentor for #NSURP and #RISE students the past two summers which have lead to two preprinted manuscripts.

This summer Cassie was also awarded an NSF Ocean Science fellowship to study transitions of plant associated fungi from terrestrial to aquatic plants focusing on sea grass. Congrats Cassie!

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