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Cryptococcus literature curation paper

We published a paper on the manual curation of the literature for the Cryptococcus complex of species (C. neoformans _var neoformans_, C. neoformans var grubii, and  C. gattii) this includes associated gene names with systematic locus names, something that was not easy to lookup without reading the published literature. In all more than 600 loci had gene names associated with them and include updated Gene Ontology associations, gene product names and descriptions and a table of orthology relationships between the genes in the different species genomes.The early access to the paper is available was released at  Eukaryotic Cell in May and includes guidelines of how the community can go forward naming genes in these species. In addition we make available a table of these names available at FungiDB at this link. And future updates are being posted through GitHub so that community contributions can happen directly through edits to the file or through the comments section at FungiDB where comments can be added by any user indicating a gene name and these will be evaluated and curated by a Scientific Curator.This work was done my a lot of hard work from Diane Inglis and Marek Skrzypek who are scientific curators at (Stanford University)  under the direction of Gavin Sherlock and the gene names and descriptions are loaded and available in FungiDB through the work of Ed Liaw and Venky Moktali at UC Riverside. We were able to do this work through an NIH R03 grant and look forward to finishing the complete literature curation by the end of this year.

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